Events In India

Events in India

Ease Your Travel giving information on all the major fairs and festival along with the Travel events in India annually. These include current trade event and upcoming events that are to be held in India. In a nutshell this can be called as Indian events calendar.

This Events in India Page let’s you to search any types of events that is to be held in 2013 and you can search it by category of event, date of event etc. These events are classified in various categories for your convenience.

Indian Fairs and Festivals are major attractions of the country when it comes to tourism. The Fairs and Festivals and other Travel Events in India reflect the vibrant culture of the country occupying a prime place in the Indian tourism industry. A large number of fairs are also held in India from time to time. People from far and wide come to take part in these fairs. In fact, many tourists plan their vacations according to the time of occurrence of these fairs.The major celebrations in India include holi, Diwali, pushkar mela, kumbh mela, goa fair (carnival) , Urs Ajmer Fair and Surajkund Crafts Fair so on and so forth

Ease Your Travel has taken the initiative as one interactive platform that could open the door to the vivid festivals of India, providing the detailed information regarding the rituals, traditions and legends of the festivals and other travel events in India.

TO Keep Track Of All The Latest Travel Events in India Click Here For More.


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