Ooty summer festival

21 May

Beautiful and Very popular hill station Ooty in India, situated in Nilgiri districts which is frequently visited by tourists. This place can be visited at any time of the year, but if you are interested to enjoy the festivities of this gorgeous hill station then summer would be the perfect time. This is because summer is the time for celebration in this hill town named as Ooty summer festival. This festival is held every year in the month of May, and the venue for this interesting festival is the famous Botanical Garden.



Ooty , every year hosts Ooty Summer Festival to celebrate the beauty of nature during the month of May. Popular activity that takes place in this festival is the flower show, which is held in the Botanical Gardens. People from across the globe come to Ooty during the month of May to take part in the festivities of the very popular Ooty Summer Festival. People can enjoy entertaining moments of cultural events, and trekking, boat race, fashion parade, flower shows, vegetable shows and fruit shows.

Ooty Rose Show 2011

S.No Date Shows Venue


4.5.2013 Vegetable show inauguration Nehru Park, Kotagiri


5.5.2013 Vegetable show Valedictory Nehru Park, Kotagiri


6.5.2013 Spice show Inaguration St.Thomas Hr.Sec. School, Gudalur


7.5.2013 Spice show St.Thomas Hr.Sec. School, Gudalur


8.5.2013 Spice show Valedictory St.Thomas Hr.Sec. School, Gudalur


11.5.2013 Rose show Inagurartion Rose garden, Udhagai


12.5.2013 Rose show Valedictory Rose garden, Udhagai


17.5.2013 Flower show inaugration Govt. Botanical Garden, Udhagai


18.5.2013 Flower show Govt. Botanical Garden, Udhagai


19.5.2013 Flower show Valedictory Govt. Botanical Garden, Udhagai


25.5.2013 Fruit show Inaguration Sim’s park, Coonoor


26.5.2013 Fruit show Valedictory Sim’s park, Coonoor

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