Nagaur Fair

12 Feb


Nagaur fair or Nagaur Festival popularly known as the cattle fair of Naguar is the second largest fair held in India Which last for four days and is held every year in the month of Jan-feb and this time the fair is being celebrated from 17 February -20 February 2013 in Nagaur. Nagaur a Rajput township in the state of Rajasthan attracts large number of tourist during this Nagaur fair .


Nagaur Festival of is a cattle fair and nearly 76000 camel, horses, bullocks, cows and oxen are traded in this festival. These animals are decorated and well groomed with the accessories by the owner and their owner itself are dressed up in typical traditional dress up and wearing colourful turbans. Apart from the trading of animals other attractions include wooden items and Mirchi bazaar the largest red chilly market of India, Iron-crafts and the accessories made up of camel leather. Four Day Nagaur festival of Rajasthan is organized by the tourism department of Government of Rajasthan. As per the latest statistical information approximately 80,000 owners to take part in this festival and more than 2, 10,000 cattle’s will be traded.


Mean while the trading of animal takes place there are other activities which go along with the fair that are camel races, cock fights, bullock races and tug-of-war. You will also experience puppeteers, story tellers and jugglers. Campfire evenings along with the Dance performances by the locals and the folk music of Jodhpur echoing wide across the tranquil desert sand and throughout the fair makes this festival a life time experience for the one.


Dates of Nagaur Fair are : 17th – 20th February 2013


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