Bikaner Camel Festival

24 Jan

Bikaner Camel Festival takes place every year in the month of January in Bikaner which is organized by the Tourist, Art and Culture Department of Rajasthan. Camel festival has its own historical Importance. In early days when there was no transport, camels use to be the only source of transportation in the Bikaner city.

bikaner camel festival 2013

Bikaner Camel Festival This year will be starting on Friday 25th January 2013 and will end on 27th January 2013. This two day festival sets Bikaner city on fire as many events take place during this festival like camel races, camel dances, camel rides apart from this, competition which makes everyone to fall in love with this festival is the camel decoration in typical Rajasthani attires, colourful bridles and saddles. It is an amazing view to watch the camel all around you and people from the local city and other part of the India and World come here to be a part of Bikaner festival and to cheers their favourite ones.
bikaner camel festival 2013

When we talk about festival how can we leave behind not talk about the things you get to eat during the festival you will get all the products made of camels milk during the festival mainly the tea and sweets.
Both the day ends with the special performances showcasing the folk dances and singers of Rajasthan along with the art and craft display but on the final day lot of fireworks is done which makes the city come alive.

Camel Race in Bikarner Camel Festival

Tourist may be interested in some of the main Attraction of Bikaner which are Junagarh Fort, Laxmi Niwas Palace, Lalgarh palace, Karni Mata Temple, Shiv Bari Temple.
Bikaner Camel festival

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