Pongal Festival

14 Jan

A thanksgiving and Harvest festival Pongal that is celebrated in South India by the Tamilians in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Pongal marks the onset of the Northward journey from the Sun from its southernmost limit which is traditionally reffered to as Uttarayana.

pongal festival

pongal festival 2013Pongal is a four days long harvest festival.First day of pongal is celebrated as Bhoji festival in honor of ,Lord Indra. Another ritiual marked on this day is Bhagi mantula, when useless household articles are thrown into fire made of cow dung cakes and wood. On the second day of Pongal, act of ceremonial worship or puja is performed when rice is parboiled in milk outdoors in an earthenware pot and is then offered to the Sun god along with other bounties. Third day is known as Mattu pongal, the day of pongal for cows. Multi-colored beads, tinkling bells, sheaves of corn and flower garlands are tied around the neck of cater and then are worshipped.Fourth day is known a knau and Kannum Pongal Day.

On Pongal people generally go for sightseeing , shopping and exchanging pleasantries with relatives and
friends. Pongal brings lots of happiness and joy in the family.


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2 responses to “Pongal Festival

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop

    January 14, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Happy Pongal πŸ™‚


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