Maagh Bihu

14 Jan

Bihu link up different seasons with three different cultural festivals of Assam mainly Rongalu Bihu in the spring season, Maagh Bihu in winter and kongali bihu (kati) in autumn season.

maagh bihu assam

Maagh Bihu festival also popularly known as bhogali bihu is celebrated in the month of January marking the end of harvesting season. Festival is some what similar to lohri festival which is agricultural winter festival marks the end of winter in the last day of paush, and the beginning of Magha in Haryana , Punjab etc. Assamese celebrates bhogali bihu in there own style lot of feasting and eating is done during this period even bonfire take place whole night, mens go out in the field making a hut made out of bamboo, hay and leaves called meji and traditional food is being cooked and served to each and every people out there the , entire night is spent around this meji and lot of other activities also take place like singing traditional bihu songs playing different instrument like dhol, taal, pepa( instrument made of buffalo horn),baanhi(flute). Apart from this , sports activities like buffalo fight, Egg-fight, Cockfight, Nightingale-fight etc also take place which makes it more interesting.

Next morning after taking a bath people gather around in a circle around meji and finally they burn meji and people throw rice cakes and betel nuts in the burning meji, offering prayers to the god. When the whole meji gets burn people pick up a small pieces of burnt meji and carry them to there fields for the good luck for the upcoming season and for the next season to be favorable for them. 14 january 2013 Maagh Bihu is to be celebrated.

maagh bihu 2013


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  2. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    January 15, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Good one , Happy pongal 🙂


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