Chennai Music Festival 2013

05 Jan

chennai music festival

Chennai Music Festival is the celebration of the classical music of south india also know as Carnatic Music , this festival takes place at various Sabhas or the organization where thousand of performers from respective feilds come to perform and show there talent, even its a good platform for the new comers who wants to try there hand in the cultural activities and classical music.

Chennai Music Festival is to be celebrated at different venues in Indian city of chennia From 1st january 2013 till 7th january 2013.During this period of time city of chennia is at its best with the cultural extravaganza with thousand of participants performing in more than 350 concerts.

Main attraction of this events are the vocal and the instrumental music along with the dance performances both solo and group by experienced and the new talent.
These performances and concert takes place at Sabhas or organization few of the prominent Sabhas are Brahma Gana Sabha ( Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium),Indian Fine Arts Society(Bala Mandir German Hall), Kalarasana(Rani Seethai Hall), Kartik Fine Arts, Madras Music Academy(T. T. Krishnamachari Auditorium),Mudra (Freedom Hall), Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Nadha Inbam(Raga Sudha Hall)

The information regarding Chennai Music Festival we have is that On 1st January the event will be accompanied by R K Shriramkumar/ N Manoj Siva/ Anirudh Athreya and the sahba or the organization where it will take place is the music academy and on 6th January accompanied by R K Shriramkumar/ Tricy Shankaran/ B S Purushotham/ N Guruprasad and sabha where it takes place will be Kalarasana.

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