Rajasthani Textiles

02 Jul

Rajasthan Textiles

Textiles Mind – boggling patterns carrying spectrum of hues used in creating and propulsing another art form of Rajasthan through textiles. The array of colors that catch the eye in the textile markets of Rajasthan include the bright and cheerful greens, blues, reds, pinks and the gold used for overprinting.

Rajasthani textiles come in an attractive range of hand – block prints, tie and dye and embroidered fabrics with mirror work coming from Jaipur, jodhpur, Pali, Udaipur and nathawada. Furniture, metal-ware, Pottery The furniture of rajasthan is invigorated from the medieval times. Delicately carved doors and finely embroided traditional caskets, low tables, chairs are famous globally. Shikhawati, KishanGarh, Barmer, jodhpur are places famous for furniture.

Rajasthan is also famous for metal crafts. During one’s Rajasthan tour one can see and purchase various type of beautiful metal craft items such as figurines, pill boxes, brass enameled swords , shields,winecups, silver embossed decorative boxes, human figures, cigarette lighter cases and photo farmes. Blue Pottery is a specialty of Rajasthan. Bright colors such as blue green and white and intricate delicate designs The glazed ceramic ware which originated in Persia was introduced to the state and patronized by Maharajas and muslims. Most pieces are hand-painted with conventional floral patterns, figures of animals and scenes from the lives of the royal families.


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