Delhi International Mango Festival 2012

22 Jun

Delhi Mango Festival

Mango Festival Delhi 2012

Does the succulent flavor of mango make you crave for more? Can’t you get enough of mangoes, then, the International Mango Festival is a must visit for you. Summers and mangoes go hand in hand.

The “King of Fruits” festival Held annually at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi was inaugurated by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Hosted by Delhi Tourism in alliance with the Delhi Government.International mango festival is a two-day festival showcasing different varieties of mangoes. More than 1100 varieties of mangoes are listed and it’s the only fest where you get to taste them for free and it gives cultivators to deal with the selling of mangoes directly without any third party which helps them financially as well.

This two day festival has many things in store for the visitors, More than 550 varieties and cultivars of mango are featured in the festival for visitors to view and taste. The International Mango Festival in Delhi features a throng of contesting events associated with mango like mango eating competition, the person who eats the maximum mangoes is the winner. Carving of mangoes which is another exciting event listed in this fest and this encourages lot of womens to show there talent to carv something out of the mango.

Very Interesting part quizzes on mangoes, If you are a real mango lover and lover of knowledge too then hit for this. These activities makes the atmosphere so electrifying and interesting. Other griping features of this fascinating festival are mango slogan writing, children’s shows, mango folk performances, mango tasting, and plenty of mangoes to go around with varieties of the fruit on array.

The festival showcase some exceptional varieties such as Sirki, Suwarn, Neeleshwari, Royal SP, Raddy Pasand, Himasagar, Kensington, Neelam, Banganpalli, besides popular Dushehari, Langra, Alphonso, Kesar, Papitiyo, Tommy Atkins, Sensation and Nazuk Badan. Mangoes such as Abdullah, Ramkela, Aishwarya, Bombay Green from Kaleemullah Khan’s nursery. And one of the rare species of the fruit Gula by Tariq Mustafa from Purkazi in Muzaffarnagar.

The Mango Festival is also celebrated in different parts of the country during the months of June – July. Some of them are Pinjore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune to name a few. So if you want to dig into the flavor of the king of fruits just get ready to visit the delhi International Mango festival and lick as many mangoes as you can and completely immerse yourself into the tempting mango extravaganza.


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